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2022 Ukraine ongoing deep crisis problems originating from Russia will affect the economies of each country It severely disrupted the fleeting peace that maintained balance and equilibrium.


The crash of the ruble and the state of isolation from other countries caused a large-scale public backlash in Russia.


Urasabal Hurin approval rating has declined due to frequent riot demonstrations, economic turmoil, and deteriorating public security.


Hurin, who felt his life was in danger as the mob rushed to the presidential palace every day, took a hard line on Ukraine He softened his stance and moved to realize a peace settlement with Ukrainian President Walledemery Selensky.


However, just before the number of ceasefire talks in Gomel in southeastern Belarus, The president is assassinated in a coup by the top Russian hardliners. It seemed that this temporary threat to world peace had come to an end.


However, the new Russian president, Johann Dzhugatroev, who obtained the position of president after a successful coup, A descendant of former Soviet Union leader Johann Stagin, he was planning to revive the Soviet Union.


He took advantage of the opportunity to involve the forces of neighboring anti-NATO countries. The Return of the Emperor【 TROTE 】Form a coalition. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization went to war with NATO.


Russia is inhumane to NATO neighbors Sweden, Finland and Ukraine The use of chemical weapons, hydrogen bombs, causes enormous damage, and the world plunges into nuclear war, centering on the EU. The flames of war fly.


China, India, South Korea, North Korea, etc.

which had been smoldering, went to war at the same time,

and World War III broke out.


By the use of weapons equipped with nuclear warheads around the world's capitals, by simultaneous multiple nuclear wars A large-scale environmental

change occurred on the earth and an artificial ice age occurred.


The Great War, which even used germ weapons to shelter hostile

nations fleeing, later came to an end.

The Dawn Truth 】called.

TROTE 】and the Allied countries representing China【 E・D・I・O・N

And Japan and India【 NATO 】andAllied countries representing

the United States【 W・W・S・F・G The world is polarized and thethird world war.

The world population has fallen to one-fifth of the world population due to the arrival of a nuclear winter due to the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the serious food crisis.


And the world important hub cities are also devastatingly damaged,

and the war reaches a stalemate.

Each country decided that it would be difficult to continue

the war any longer and signed a ceasefire.

Temporary peace will come again. However, at the same time,

it rushes into the Cold War, aiming at the scorched territories.

2XXX years【 The Dawn Truth The few Japanese who survived

Someday【 YAMATOwill be called.


Ice age nuclear air pollution caused by nuclear winter【 E・D・I・O・N 】from

AI system for automatic defense 【 ASTROThe on-board defense system has been kept secret since before the war

A company under the direct control of the former Ministry of Defense, which was developed with the support of the US military industry.

YUKIMURA Heavy Industries Yukimura Heavy Industries 】is completed and activated by the surviving engineers.

Japan suffered a devastating blow, but the remaining government is the

end of the ice age and nuclear air pollution.

Until the safety is secured, the huge size of the secret development

under Nagatacho by the Cabinet

Nuclear Shelter Second Survival City Cabinet Office Strategic Special Zone Reconstruction City Tokyo

At the same time as the announcement, the opening was declared in consideration of the priority of human survival.


YAMATO 】seeks a temporary haven,

Start migration to Second Survival City Cabinet Office Strategic Special Zone Reconstruction City Tokyo.


ASTROpeople who rarely go out to the polluted surface due

to the automatic defense system ofAfter that,

he spent his days in peace in an underground nuclear shelter.


However, one day, a large-scale solar flare suddenly

cut off the power supply to the underground facility.

Unexpectedly, mankind was suddenly sent out to the ground again.


About 20 years have passed since mankind entered the underground

nuclear shelter of the second survival city.


A small number of Japanese who survived the war

【 YAMATO 】 in 20 years of living underground

Even underground, children were raised, society was formed,

and the population increased.


However, the naive who was born in this underground nuclear

shelter and does not know war

The birth rate of children called ignorant of the ways of the world is

For some reason, 80% were women, a strange number.


And it is these teenage girls who boast the largest population ratio at present.

Generations of cherry blossoms【 G・C・B 】It is a generation of girls called.

And at the same time, this generation will inevitably receive combat training and

tactics and【 YUKIMURA Heavy Industries Yukimura Heavy Industries

by the surviving engineers of【 E・D・I・O・N In order to counter the, we will be provided with new tactical weapons and receive instruction and training.


Also, the government does not allow this【 G・C・BA new unit was built in the public security centered on the girls called.


Public Security Mobile Investigation Corps Special Armored Mobile Suppression

Corps【 tokyo armor girl 】a unit.


There were two reasons why the government organized this organization.

E・D・I・O・N The first priority was to build a unit that could

act systematically as a defense against

Secondly, at the same time that the power supply to the underground facility

was cut off due to the effects of a large-scale solar flare,

I couldn overlook the fact that the people who went out to the ground

were encountering a certain situation.


It is also the cornerstone of ground defense.

ASTROautomatic defense system Due to the effects of a large-scale solar flare,

we were forced to cut off power suddenly, and when power was restarted,

When I started up the system, BUG occurred and I fell into an uncontrollable situation.


The AI system activates an emergency self-defense system to

prevent loss of self due to a bug.

Deletes its own programming once and accesses the stored second programming

When I switched to automatic rewriting, it was interrupted due to the flare that occurred due to the time difference.

E・D・I・O・N feared an attack, the government remained

suspended【 ASTROwas forced to start.


At first, BUG was not seen, but suddenly one day it became an uncontrollable runaway state.


And then, the BUG finally returned to the ground again.

【 YAMATO to bare their fangs.

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